10 Year Anniversary

10 Year Anniversary

Alexandria Finch

Today is our 10 year anniversary! It’s hard to believe that we’ve been married so long already. We were married in 2007 on the corner of West 43rd and Robert Avenue at (what was at the time) Christ Lutheran Church; a nearly 120 year old Lutheran congregation on the near West side of Cleveland, Ohio.

Our Wedding

Soon after that, hubby took a position in Louisville and I became a stay-at-home wife. In 2010 I had our first child, Peter, and hubby worked early mornings while going to school at night. When he finished, we accepted a different job and moved to Yankton, South Dakota in the spring of 2012.

Peter in the Bath

This is when hubby started building me small pieces to furnish our home. I’ve always enjoyed painting, but being far away from most shopping centers, I started painting wooden signs as lumber was more available (and cheaper).

Moving truck

In May, 2013 hubby was offered a position with a manufacturer here in Aurora and we packed up our things into a small truck and drove the 20 hours to my mother’s vacant condo in Northfield Center. In October, we had our second boy Henry Russell.

Northfield Center, Ohio

In July of 2015, we then purchased our forever home here in Aurora and haven’t looked back! We moved in in August when I was 9 months pregnant with our daughter Anna who was born a week later. Living in Aurora has been a dream thus far; the schools are AMAZING, I’ve met so many wonderful people and we are looking forward to spending the rest of our lives in one place!

Alex in Aurora